An AIC Professional Associate since 1994, Ms. Morse has over 30 years of conservation experience with an emphasis on public art, historic preservation, museum, and private client assessments.

While in graduate school, Andrea interned at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco  From 1975 to 1978, Andrea apprenticed under Ben Johnson, the head of the Conservation Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, while taking conservation classes at the GCI (Getty Institute), the McCrone Microscopy class and other AIC sponsored classes in the field of conservation.  In 1985-1992, Andrea became a member of the conservation staff at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Department of Objects Conservation.  

In 1993, Ms. Morse opened a private conservation practice and joined Sculpture Conservation Studio as President and Principal Conservator in 1997. Since then, she has overseen the majority of the studio’s surveys and projects, specializing in the large-scale outdoor sculpture projects. While at SCS, the studio has been awarded over a dozen SOS! Grants to assess public art projects in California and Hawaii, along with Los Angeles Conservancy awards for historic preservation. Sculpture Conservation Studio worked closely with Glenn Wharton on art conservation projects for many years.

 Since 1998, Ms. Morse helped initiate and continues to participate in the Public Art Committee Panel, a program between City of Los Angeles Department of Public Art, conservators, and the public. Ms. Morse has written and co-authored numerous conservation papers and regularly lectures on public art in the Western United States, including the University of Hawaii, regarding art conservation as a means of raising awareness of conservation issues with artists and in the public sector. 

Sculpture Conservation Studio worked on the conservation of the Sun and Moon sculptures in the Hawaii State Capital, along with many condition assessments of outdoor public art in Hawaii.  In  2007, Andrea was directly involved with the conservation/restoration of the Japanese Stone Lantern with the Kapa’a Heritage Preservation group in Kapa’a, Kauai.