+ NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION GRANT: National Trust for Historic Preservation Collaboration with Grand Vision Foundation to receive grant for the development of a Decorative Paint and Plaster Emergency Stabilization Treatment Plan for Warner Grand Theatre, San Pedro California.


+ GOVERNOR’S HISTORIC PRESERVATION AWARD: The Governor’s award was given to SCS for the restoration, conservation, and relocation of the “History of Transportation” mural in Inglewood.

+ AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR STATE AND LOCAL HISTORY: The AASLH Leadership in History Award was given to SCS and the Ka’paa Business Association for the conservation of the Japanese Stone Lantern restoration in Ka’paa Park.


+ LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY AWARD: Conservation/restoration of History of Transportation 240’ long WPA mural by Helen Lundeberg in Inglewood, California. 

+ Conservation/restoration of the historic terrazzo lobby floor and matching exterior sidewalk are area around the Eastern Columbia Building, downtown Los Angeles.


+ OLD RIVERSIDE FOUNDATION AWARD: This award was given to SCS for the historic conservation of an 1898 cast iron fountain in front of the Grant Elementary School.


+ CALIFORNIA HERITAGE FUND  (Prop. 12) & URCC GRANT  (Prop 12): A total of $1,090,000.00 was awarded to the City of Inglewood and the Sculpture Conservation Studio for the conservation and restoration of the 60-panel petrachrome WPA mural History of Transportation.


+ LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY PRESERVATION AWARD: Conservation of the 1936 WPA sculpture, Vanishing Race located in the courtyard of the Thomas Starr King Middle School in Los Angeles.


+ GETTY "PRESERVE L.A." AWARD: This grant was awarded to Sculpture Conservation Studio to assess the damage to the Lundeberg History of Transportation 60 panel petrachrome WPA mural and the costs for restoring and moving the mural.


+ CALIFORNIA PRESERVATION FOUNDATION DESIGN AWARD: Conservation of House of Hospitality historic fountains Balboa Park, San Diego, California. 


+ LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY AWARD: Conservation of The Portal of the Folded Wings Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, Burbank California




+ Assessment of Falling Meteor, For Lady Day, and Icarus, 3 outdoors sculptures at the Manilow Sculpture Park, Governor State University, Illinois.
+ Assessment of Pavimento Por Chandler site sculpture in Chandler, Arizona.
+ Assessment of 7 outdoor sculptures in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, California.
+ Assessment of 6 outdoor sculptures located on the grounds of the Goldwell Open Air Museum, Rhyolite, Nevada.
+ Assessment of the public art in the downtown Fresno Mall, Fresno, California.
+ Assessment on the 1960s Buffalo by Charles Booney, Flagstaff, Arizona.
+ Assessment of the Big Wave sculpture by Tony DeLapp, Santa Monica, California.
+ Assessment of the interior artifacts in the historic home Casa del Herrero Santa Barbara, California.
+ Assessment of all exterior sculptures and fountains at Lotusland, Santa Barbara, California.