Q: I have an artwork that is a painting/historical document/film/musical instrument. Is this something SCS can help me with?

A: SCS specializes in cultural heritage objects and historical preservation only, though we are connected to a wonderful network of conservators we can refer to you. 

Q: Can you tell me how much my artwork is worth?

A: No, we do not and cannot assess the monetary value of your artwork. The best way to assess the monetary value of your artwork is by getting in touch with your local auction house, such as Christie's or Sotheby's.

Q: My artwork has been severely damaged, is it worth saving? 

A: If your artwork is insured by a Fine Arts insurance company, we first recommend getting in touch with your insurance representative. Requesting a quote from SCS is a necessary second step in determining a solution of a damaged piece. 

Q: I am located outside of Southern California, can you still help conserve my artwork? 

A: Yes, however, if you need to find a conservator near you, you can always visit the American Institute of Conservation's website at culturalheritage.org, and begin a query.

Q: My artwork is a large installation, is it possible to have someone come out to take a look at its' condition?

A: Absolutely. Please follow the GETTING STARTED information on this website and contact SCS to arrange an appointment by calling 310.839.5300 or by email at sculpcons@gmail.com