Past Projects


+ CITY OF FRESNO – FULTON MALL (March 2016 – October 2017) 
Fresno, California:

Sculpture Conservation Studio is the principal firm sub-contracted to document, protect, remove, restore, and re-install 32 sculptures along the historic Fulton Mall in the City of Fresno, which houses the west coast’s largest public art collection on a pedestrian mall. Artists’ in the Fulton Mall’s collection include George Tsutakawa, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Clement Renzi, James Lee Hansen, Peter Voulkos, Claire Falkenstein, Francois Stahly, Charles O. Perry, Stan Bitters, Tony Rosenthal, and Raimondo Puccinelli.

Fresno Bee - October, 2017 - "Fulton Street’s restored art is stunning. It’s up to City Hall and all of us to keep it that way..." by Marek Warszawski

Ventura, California

Sculpture Conservation Studio conserved and relocated a twenty-foot tall Millard Sheets mosaic mural. SCS faced the mural, cut it out from its original location, crated it, moved it with a crane over the hospital, and installed it in a custom steel mounting frame. Conservation work included replacing missing tesserae, replacing missing grout, and cleaning the surface.

San Diego, California: 

Since 2002, Sculpture Conservation Studio has received an annual conservation maintenance contract to conserve over 50 outdoor public art sculptures for the Port of San Diego.

Inglewood, California

In May 2017, Sculpture Conservation Studio performed an extensive conservation treatment on the marble Veterans Memorial in front of the Inglewood City Hall. The work included marble fills, letter carving, letter in-painting, cleaning, and stain removal.

Los Angeles, California

Sculpture Conservation Studio regularly maintains and assesses the condition of the outdoor sculptures and permanent collection located at the Marciano Art Foundation's new location on Wilshire Boulevard.

Los Alamitos, California

Sculpture Conservation Studio restored and conserved a bronze and concrete outdoor sundial. The project included polishing the raised bronze numbers and letters on the sundial, conserving the patina on the background, removing stains from the concrete, and sealing with lacquer.

Pasadena, California

Sculpture Conservation Studio performed a large scale restoration and conservation project in April 2017 to restore the capstones encircling the DWP fountain pool. The project included rebar replacement, concrete replacement, stain removal, grout color matching and replacement.


+ UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELESLos Angeles, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio holds an ongoing contract to conserve the Bruin Bear, Richard Serra’s T.E.U.C.L.A., and the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, which consists of 79 outdoor sculptures.

This building housed a marketplace for the local residents in East Los Angeles since 1924. In 1974, "A Story Of Our Struggle", an artwork consisting of 19 tile murals by Johnny Gonzalez, Robert Arenivar, and David Botello, was installed along the facade of the building, serving as an important example of the Chicano Art Movement in Los Angeles. After the store closed in 2007, the fate of the murals and building was unknown, until 2015 when the building was purchased by Pacific Charter School Development. The comunity would only allow the school to be built if the murals were removed and placed in the facade of the new school. Sculpture Conservation Studio was contracted to remove all the tile murals, replace the backing so they could be securely re-mounted to the new facade, and conserve the tiles.


EL PALACIOWest Hollywood, California: El Palacio is a 1931 Spanish colonial-style apartment building located in West Hollywood, where its regular maintenance was neglected due to many changes in ownership. As a result, roof leaks caused the wooden infrastructure to weaken and the stucco application over the decorative plaster bas-reliefs on the façade caused the plaster to weaken and crumble.  Sculpture Conservation Studio restored the exterior decorative elements to return this Hollywood building to its original charm.


+ AZTEC BREWERYCity of San Diego, San Diego, California: The Aztec Brewery was a historical brewery located in San Diego until its demolish in 1989. The brewery’s furnishings and decorative objects were removed by the City of San Diego because of their cultural significance. Sculpture Conservation Studio documented and conserved these objects, including a full bar, chandeliers, wooden door, tiled bar area, and stain glass windows.


+ LA LAVANDERIA FOUNTAINLa Purisima Mission State Historic Park, Lompoc, California: Founded in 1787, La Purisima Mission is the 11th mission of the 21 Spanish Missions in California. La Lavanderia is an original architectural feature that was used to wash clothes. A large round concrete pool with two sets of steps into the pool, water came out of two sandstone fountainheads with a relief of a human face on each. In recent history, La Lavanderia was neglected so that the fountainheads were deteriorated and the pool was crowded with biological growth. Sculpture Conservation Studio reproduced and installed new fountainheads as well as conserved the basin to good working condition.

+ VROMAN’S BOOKSTOREPasadena, California: The back steps and wall of this bookstore have a colorful mosaic design created by a local artist. The steps’ small rectangular tiles cracked and fell apart while the wall had a water leak, which caused the mosaic glaze to pop off the tiles.  Sculpture Conservation Studio replicated the original rectangular tiles, reglazed, and installed the new tiles while conserving original tiles on-site.               

+ JONES BENCHCity of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California: This is a cast cement bench on Palisades Drive in Santa Monica, over-looking the ocean.  One cast concrete cylindrical arm had been broken into several pieces and the other cylindrical arm had the top section removed due to vandalism.  Sculpture Conservation Studio made molds of the cylindrical arm, cast the two sections, and installed the new concrete pieces. Currently the bench is in good condition.              

+ SANDCASTSSan Diego Regional Airport Authority, San Diego, California: Sandcast is a two-dimensional sculpture and depicts in a textured relief various historical aeronautical imagery such as planes, blimps, gliders, and spacecrafts. It consists of nine 44” x 75” steel reinforced plaster and fiber panels. Sandcast was de-installed in October 2012 by Sculpture Conservation Studio and transported to SCS facilities in December 2012 where it was documented, dusted, and washed. All losses and damages were in-filled with plaster and shaped to achieve uniform texture as well as inpainted using color-matched acrylics. 

+ LUCKY SPIRITSan Diego Regional Airport Authority, San Diego, California: At the San Diego International Airport, Lucky Spirit consisted of a large than life size figure of Charles Lindbergh painted onto a dibond aluminum composite boards attached to an outdoor concrete wall. Sculpture Conservation Studio deinstalled the figure (aluminum panels) in June 2012 where it was taken to their facility to perform a through condition report and laboratory testing.


+ PANAMA-CALIFORNIA SCULPTURE COURTYARD, BALBOA PARK, City of San Diego, San Diego, California: The 16 plasters in this courtyard depict statues on the façades of the Spanish-Revival style buildings in Balboa Park. The casts were created in 1915 and were put outside for 30 years or so. They were then housed inside, but sustained damage and soiling to them. Sculpture Conservation Studio was awarded the contract to conserve all of the plaster casts for a new exhibition space.

+ SURFING MADONNA GLASS MOSAIC MURAL, City of Encinitas, Encinitas, California: This 10’ x 10’ glass mosaic was mysterious placed in a train track trestle on Earth Day (also Good Friday).  It depicted the Virgin of Guadalupe on a surfboard in the ocean with the words “Save the Ocean” on the side. Sculpture Conservation Studio was hired to examine the sculpture and find out any information about the mounting of this illegally placed guerilla artwork and possible removal.  The artist came forward and the City asked him to remove the mural, which he did by himself.

+ COLPO D’AL SCULPTURE BY ARNALDO POMODORO, Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, California: This sculpture is a large copper alloy sculpture that is based on an inverted pyramidal shape.  It is split into 2 halves, where the interior displays a rough, irregular surface characterized by geometric projections.  The downward and upward planes are to be polished mirror bright according to the artist.  However, the artwork is installed in a large reflecting pool and it had oxidized and become a dull dark brown color on the surface and the interior was just a unified dark color.  SCS sanded and polished the entire piece in August 2011 and then coated the now shiny surface with several coats of an acrylic coating.



+ UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS MEMORIAL, Los Angeles, California: This is a 23’ monument on the corner of Veteran Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard and is part of the Los Angeles National Cemetery.  It depicts a sailor and a soldier flanking a large female figure carrying a torch.  The sculpture is concrete, stucco, plaster and fiberglass, painted white.  SCS removed all over-paint, filled all cracks and losses and re-painted the entire sculpture.

+ USS BENNINGTON MONUMENT AND WALL, San Diego, California: This is a 1907- 60’ high granite and cement mortar obelisk dedicated to the sailors who lost their lives on the USS Bennington. It is located in Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California. The obelisk was washed, all minerals were removed and all failing or loss of mortar was replaced.  The granite wall around the monument had been buried (to provide more room in the cemetery) and was lifted back into place and cleaned and conserved by SCS, working with R and R Construction.

+ ASSESSMENT OF PLASTER SCULPTURES/CASTS, City of San Diego, San Diego, California: SCS was contracted to assess and determine the needed conservation work for 19 original 1915 plaster casts used to create the decorative exterior of the Casa del Prado building and statues in front of the Museum of Art for the Panama California Exhibition in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. 

+ BATTLE OF SAN PASQUAL MONUMENT, San Diego, California: This granite rock monument is located in the Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California, and honors the military encounter at what is now San Diego in the Mexican-American War in 1846.  The granite was covered with algae, staining and vegetation, which SCS conserved and restored back to the original color of the stone.  SCS cleaned the bronze plaque, filled all missing areas of mortar and repaired the broken cement base.

+ WARNER GRAND THEATRE, Los Angeles, California: SCS was awarded a National Trust for Historic Preservation grant to perform tests and research as to why the original paint in this 1931 Art Deco theatre is lifting off the walls of the auditorium.  From this research, a treatment proposal and cost will be submitted to Grand Visions Foundation to perform the work.



+ HOLLENBECK POLICE STATION MURAL, Boyles Heights, California: A mosaic mural by California artist Joseph Young was created for the original Hollenbeck police station in Boyle Heights, CA.  The police station was torn down, but the community insisted that the mural be saved and placed in the new station.  Sculpture Conservation Studio restored this 35’ mural and installed it in the community meeting room of the new police station.

+ ANNENBERG “SUNNYLAND” ESTATE ART COLLECTION, Palm Springs, California: SCS was contracted to perform an assessment of all the sculptures (indoors and on the grounds) of the Annenberg Estate in Palm Springs, California.  From that assessment, 4 T’ang period ceramic figures were removed from their mounts and all of the artwork was removed to retrofit the house in order that it can become a museum.

+ “W” HOLLYWOOD HOTEL & RESIDENCES, Los Angeles, California: SCS and Lendrum Fine Arts worked closely with 4 artists on the design, materials, and installation their artworks into the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine. SCS performed the maintenance on these sculptures, which include LED columns and LED strings of lights over the entrance to the hotel.



+ KA’PAA CAST CONCRETE LANTERN, Ka’paa, Kauai, Hawaii: This 15’ 1915 cast concrete lantern was originally a working gas lantern in the center of the town of Ka’paa, Kauai.  It was buried and then damaged throughout its life.  SCS restored the entire lantern, created a new glass bulb at the top and repainted it the original colors.



+ PALM SPRINGS ART MUSEUM, Palm Springs, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio completed an art assessment of over 30 sculptures from the Weiner collection.  Fifteen of these sculptures, including 4 monumental size pieces, were conserved, cleaned and hot waxed.

+ SMOCA ART ASSESSMENT AND CONSERVATION, Scottsdale, Arizona: Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art had SCS perform a complete assessment of over 43 sculptures from the Goldschmidt collection, along with a cleaning and waxing of the entire collection.

+ MISSION INN – BRONZE FOUNTAIN, Riverside, California: SCS cleaned years of mineral deposits off of a bronze European fountain, along with cleaning the putti at the top of the fountain and caryatid cement base in the atria of the famous Mission Inn, Riverside, California.  



+ ADAMSON HOUSE, Malibu, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was selected to restore 14 historic light fixtures and reproduce a copy of a mission Spanish rod iron fixture. In 2007, Sculpture Conservation Studio restored the historic low-fired patio tiles.

+ EASTERN COLUMBIA BUILDING, Los Angeles, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio restored the original terrazzo flooring in the lobby and matching exterior sidewalk of this historic building. This building was given the 2008 Los Angeles Conservancy preservation award for excellence in historic restoration.

+ DESMOND BUILDING, Los Angeles, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio conserved the 1928 Art Deco lobby of this historic building by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood. This included revealing and conserving a original painted mural on the ceiling, conserving the hand painted water scene on the elevator doors, the terrazzo floor, Caen stone walls with wooden trimmed display cases and pigmented cement on the upper floors of the building.

+ HISTORY OF TRANSPORTATION WPA MURAL, Inglewood, California: The State of California awarded The City of Inglewood and Sculpture Conservation Studio grants totaling  $1.3 million to conserve restore and relocate this unique freestanding WPA petrachrome mural. This was a three-year project. The mural is 240' long, made from 60 petrachrome panels. The conservation/restoration of this mural was awarded the 2008 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award and the 2009 Governor’s State of California Award. The project began in 1999 with a “Preserve LA” grant from the Getty Museum to conduct an assessment into the possibility of restoring this mural. 



+ WILL ROGERS RANCH HOUSE, Pacific Palisades, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was hired as the Architectural Historic Conservator to supervise the restoration of the architectural features of this landmark home. SCS advised on the methods of reinstalling the historic plaster on the walls, and completed the conservation work on filling the losses and inpainting the historic plaster authentic to the historic research. In 2009, Sculpture Conservation Studio conserved original parts of the garage, while it was undergoing transformation into a visitors center and bookstore. 

+ UNBRIDLED MURAL by David Gordon, Santa Monica, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio performed a full restoration, along with the artist, of this outdoor mural for the City of Santa Monica. The mural was 250’ long and created with Keim paints



+ CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS, Beverly Hills, California: Art conservation was performed on the green cast cement Indian Sculpture at the top of the Electric Fountain, the bas-relief, “History of California” circular basin at the base of the statue and the blue and white tiles around the exterior of the fountain basin.  This fountain is located on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, the entrance of the park beltway.  The cement Indian sculpture was depicted on the 2011 Rose Parade float for the City of Beverly Hills. 

+ CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Conservation and re-patination of two monumental size outdoor bronze sculptures – Pegasus (2) located in Memorial Park.

+ CARRIER CENTER/ ROBINSON’S BUILDING, Los Angeles, California: Conservation and restoration was performed on the 1930s moderne terracotta façade. This included digital photographs of the entire façade to outline all of the damaged tiles and extent of damage. SCS performed conservation of all cracks and losses in the tiles and supervision on replacement of all large glazed floor and corner tiles, which replicated the original damaged tiles.

+ THOMAS STARR KING MIDDLE SCHOOL, Los Angeles, California: Conservation of WPA cast concrete sculpture entitled, Vanishing Race. Over 14 layers of latex paint were removed and missing parts were created.  Sculpture Conservation Studio received a Los Angeles Conservancy Award for this project.

+ BANNING MUSEUM:  CAST IRON CORNSTALK FENCE, San Pedro, California: Five-year conservation maintenance program for the turn of the century cast iron cornstalk fence was given to the Sculpture Conservation Studio. In 2010, one of the panels of the gate was restored and converted to a handicapped gate.

+ PANTAGES THEATREHollywood, California: Restoration was performed on a historic tile fountain and elaborate tile back splash in the lobby of the renovated Pantages Theatre. This included removal of the fountain from one wall and reinstallation on a new wall. The original basin of the fountain was completely conserved and several new, replacement tiles needed to be created.

+ WASHINGTON STREET BRIDGE, Los Angeles, California: Conservation of the yellow and black 1920's glazed terracotta murals and cast concrete pillars on the pylons of the bridge on Washington Boulevard over the Los Angeles River.     

+ CITY OF FRESNO: SOS ASSESSMENT SURVEY OF PUBLIC ART, Fresno, California: Condition reports for an SOS Assessment grant were performed on four of the outdoor public art sculptures in the downtown Fresno Mall.  The City of Fresno at the same time, requested that SCS perform Condition reports and Treatment proposals on all of the outdoor sculptures located at the downtown mall

+ CABRILLO NATIONAL MONUMENTSan Diego, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio received grant from National Park Service to conserve three bronze plaques and two ship models for Cabrillo State Park.

+ CITY OF FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: SOS ASSESSMENT FOR THE 1960s BUFFALO by Charles Booney, Flagstaff, Arizona: Sculpture Conservation Studio performed assessment on this outdoor painted sculpture of a buffalo.                 

+ ADAMSON HOUSE, Malibu, California: A condition survey of the interior furnishings, wall structure, coverings and exterior furnishings and fountains was performed for the California Parks Service.

+ ANTELOPE VALLEY INDIAN MUSEUM STATE HISTORIC PARK, Antelope Valley, California: The State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation awarded Sculpture Conservation Studio a grant for an assessment of the entire art collection, which included the condition, protection, movement, storage plan and inventory of over 2500 objects in this museum.

+ RESTORATION OF DALE CHIHULY SCULPTURES, Los Angeles, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio examined, created condition reports, treatment proposals and worked with Insurance adjusters on the damage of 22 glass Chihuly sculptures on loan from the Portland Museum of Art.  From these proposals, 9 glass sculptures were restored.



+CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CULTURAL AFFAIRS DEPT., Los Angeles, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was asked to restore a sculpture of Father Junipero Serra, and assessment of three murals: Return to the Light, Filipino-Americans, and La Ofrenda for the City of Los Angeles. SCS also conserved the public art sculpture, "Drive by Art" in conjunction with Cultural Affairs and the MTA.

+ CITY OF PALM DESERT, Palm Desert, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was awarded a two-year conservation maintenance contract to maintain 35 sculptures in the city public art collection and 18 sculptures on exhibit ion the El Paseo corridor. SCS still works with the City of Palm Desert on all conservation projects of individual sculptures in their collection.

+ MISSION SANTA INEZ, Solvang, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was hired to restore the 18th Century, 50"wooden polychrome sculpture of Santa Inez back to her original layered polychrome colors and appearance.          



+ PORT AUTHORITY OF SAN DIEGO, San Diego, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was asked to conserve two monumental bronze sculptures, Lindbergh:  The Boy and the Man, and In Search of Wilderness, located at the San Diego International Airport.  Sculpture Conservation Studio also conserved The Tunaman’s Memorial on Shelter Island.  Since 2002 Sculpture Conservation Studio has received annual conservation maintenance contracts to conserve the numerous outdoor public art sculptures for the Port of San Diego and for the San Diego International Airport.

+ CITY OF SANTA MONICA - SOS ASSESSMENT, Santa Monica, California: A SOS Assessment Grant was given to the Sculpture Conservation Studio to perform a thorough condition assessment of the Big Wave Sculpture, which is located over Wilshire Boulevard, where Los Angeles County ends and the City of Santa Monica begins. This is also one of the 10 major outdoor sculptures, which SCS performed conservation treatment on for the year 2002. Sculpture Conservation Studio has an annual maintenance contract to conserve outdoor public art for the City of Santa Monica beginning fiscal year 2003.

+ NATHAN MANILOW SCULPTURE PARK, Governors State University, University Park, Illinois: Sculpture Conservation Studio performed a conservation condition survey of the outdoor contemporary sculpture in this park through a CAP Assessment Grant.          

+ SURVEY OF PUBLIC ART FOR THE CITY OF PALM DESERT, Palm Desert, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was asked to perform a survey of all of the public art in the City of Palm Desert, with condition and descriptions of each artwork in order to create an annual conservation maintenance program for the City.

+ LOS ANGELES TO PASADENA - METRO GOLD LINE, Los Angeles, California: Conservation Studio performed consultation and fabrication studies with local Southern California artists designing 12 light rail stations on the Metro Gold Line.  SCS role in this public art project helped link the artist's design ideas of their MTA stations with the realistic creation, fabrication and maintenance ideas of the construction authority.

+ STATE OF CALIFORNIA, DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION WILL ROGERS STATE HISTORIC PARK, Pacific Palisades, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio was awarded a grant to survey, condition and provide proposed treatments for over 100 organic and inorganic objects at the Will Rogers State Historic Park.                   

+ THE MURALISTS by Richard Wyatt, Hollywood, California: Sculpture Conservation Studio examined and performed preliminary conservation on this mural by the well-known Los Angeles muralist, Richard Wyatt located in the heart of Hollywood.



+ CITY OF SANTA MONICA, Santa Monica, California: A complete survey was performed documenting all the art belonging to the City of Santa Monica.  This included condition reports, locations and photography. A maintenance program began in January 2002, with Sculpture Conservation Studio performing conservation work on ten major public art sculptures, which were listed in the Survey as needing immediate conservation attention.

+ CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS, Beverly Hills, California: Conservation work was performed to conserve two fountains, including cast cement elements, sculptural pieces, and tiles in and around the fountains for the City of Beverly Hills.  Conservation work and annual maintenance was also performed on various sculptures owned by the City of Beverly Hills.             

+ HOLLYHOCK HOUSE, BARNSDALL PARK, Los Angeles, California: This was the first home Frank Lloyd Wright built on the West Coast.  The house was built in 1921 and deeded to the City of Los Angeles in 1926.  The house sustained major earthquake damage and water damage.  Sculpture Conservation Studio was chosen to inventory all of the objects in the house and original to the house, oversee the packing and removal of all of these objects from the house into storage, and to consult on the work that is being performed in Phase I Restoration, through the FEMA grant.                                        

 + SANTA ANITA RACETRACK, Los Angeles, California: Conservation work was done on the life size bronze sculpture of the horse, Sea Biscuit, plus eight other bronze sculptures of well known jockeys, owners and other racing celebrates.  Sculpture Conservation Studio works with Santa Anita to maintain these sculptures annually. 

+ ASSESSMENT OF CALIFORNIA MISSIONS: Mervyn’s Department Store presented Sculpture Conservation Studio with a grant to do an in depth assessment of an inventory and summary of immediate needs for eight California Missions along the California coast.  After these 100 page assessments were completed, various missions have asked Sculpture Conservation Studio to speak on collection and storage conservation.  The Sculpture Conservation Studio restored the polychrome wooden18th Century statue of Santa Inez for Mission Santa Inez.