+ Advanced conservation treatments on historical, modern, and contemporary works comprised of the following materials: adobe, aluminum, brick, bronze, cast cement, cast/wrought iron, stone, concrete, ceramic tile, Edison, frames, granite, leather, linoleum, marble, masonry, metals, mortar, mosaics, painted surfaces, paper, plaster, plastics, polychrome wood, resin, sandstone, stone, stained glass, sterling silver, glazed terracotta, terracotta, terrazzo, wood, and zinc

+ Historic preservation of architecture and monuments, including consulting and treatment services

+ Develop and implement customized sculpture maintenance programs for public and private art collections

Consultation services in all of our areas of expertise including: 

- Supervision of large-scale conservation and historic preservation projects
- Art collection surveys and documentation
- Treatment proposals for fundraising, grants, and bids
- Insurance claim evaluations and cost estimates
- Preventative conservation plans and emergency salvage programs
- Artist project assessments
- Basic conservation care and maintenance workshops

                          All of our work conforms to the strictest conservation standards and guidelines specified by the American Institute of Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and with the United States Department of the Interior's Standards for Historic Buildings.